I was born some years ago in the beautiful city of Shiraz that overlooks Persepolis (“the Persian city” in ancient Greek, founded by Darius the Great in about 500 B.C.). I received my PhD from the University of Bordeaux – France and have been a Full Professor of Control Systems Engineering there since 2003. I am currently what is called an Exceptional Class University Professor in French academia (PREX2). I am married and have two nice children (Tania and Sacha). I like Jazz, fine wines, old châteaux, old movies and old cars, and enjoy discussing Popper’s philosophy of science – but I don’t like Twitter, Facebook, smartphones (I don’t have one), and birthdays. I have spent the last quarter-century of my (professional) life developing research on model-based methodologies for fault management in dynamic safety-critical complex systems. This includes, among others,  observer design and estimation issues, fault detection and identification, data fusion and fault diagnosis, and design of fault tolerant control & guidance methods. Over the last 15 years, my focus has been on aerospace and flight-critical systems. In 2010, I received an award for excellence in aerospace research from the French National Foundation for Research in Aeronautics and Space. In 2016, I received the prestigious CNRS Medal of Innovation for my “outstanding scientific research with innovative applications in the technological and societal fields”. I am member of International TC “SafeProcess” and “Aerospace” of IFAC, and have served as member of program committee and advisory board for various international conferences. I have given more than 16 plenary/keynote talks and other invited talks at venues worldwide – have been member of steering comity of France’s Aerospace Valley, and have directed several European and international collaborative projects and actions.

My current research interests include autonomy and safety of smart cyber-physical systems by combining aspects of symbolic methods and robust techniques from control theory – and new methods for autonomous navigation in future civil aviation operations. I do my research at the IMS lab – ARIA group. I headed this group of talented researchers between 2001 and 2015. Here are my google ScholarResearchGateScopus profiles. Feel free to explore the site to learn more about my research / teaching activities and projects.

Last update: April 3, 2020.