What is COCOTIER project ? COCOTIER (COncept de COckpit et Technologies Intégrées En Rupure, 2019-2022) is a collaborative and exploratory project on new technologies for future intelligent cockpit in Single Pilot Operations (SPO, 2030+). In SPO, the root problem is that the coordinated crew will not be available onboard as a resource during complex situations. Therefore, moving to SPO requires that the single pilot be assisted by advanced  onboard automation providing new piloting support services. This prompted COCOTIER project. The project is supported by the French Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) and coordinated by Airbus. The kick-off meeting took place on December 2, 2019 in Toulouse – France.

Budget : DGAC support: about 17.3 MEuros – Total budget: about 34.6 MEuros.

Who are the partners ? The project involves 14 industrial and academic partners:

  • Industrial partners: Airbus, Dassault aviation, SAFRAN, Thales, ATR, Factem, OKTAL Synthetic Environment, Ratier Figeac, Vodea and Zodiac Aero Electric.
  • Academic partners: IMS Lab – U-Bordeaux, LAAS-CNRS – Toulouse, LEAD Lab – Toulouse, ONERA (French Aerospace Lab), ENAC (French Civil Aviation University).

What are IMS guys doing within this project ? IMS focuses on new methods for fault-tolerant multi-sensor data fusion for autonomous navigation during the landing approach of a large civil aircraft. The methodology under investigation is based on a multi-layer hierarchical architecture which can integrate several heterogeneous information sources. The system is intended to increase the performance of in-service navigation systems, and to assist the single pilot for correct management of usual and extreme flights circumstances. It takes advantage of robust local non linear filtering, and also set-membership techniques and zonotopic Kalman filtering (recently developed by C. Combastel, see for example here and here).

IMS project managers : Pr. Ali Zolghadri and Dr. Christophe Combastel. Postdoc fellow: Sara Ifqir.


– The next meeting of the project will take place on November 29, 2021 at Airbus, Toulouse-France.

– The IMS presentation during the plenary meeting of the project (November 29, 2021) can be downloaded at here (authorized members only).

– IMS deliverable S5.8.1.3 can be downloaded at here (authorized members only).

– IMS deliverable S5.8.1.2 can be downloaded at here (authorized members only).

– IMS deliverable S5.8.1.1 can be downloaded at here (authorized members only).

– Postdoctoral position: This offer is now closed. Sara Ifqir will be continuing to work on COCOTIER project until October 1, 2021 .

– Master thesis project, starting with February 2021 — the subject can be downloaded at here. Nicolas Bandet has been selected and hired. He is working on monitoring issues.