The transfer of my research results drives innovation.

Over the last fifteen years, and through European collaborative projects, I have collaborated with the main space agencies in Europe : ESA (European), NLR (Dutch), DLR (German), CNES (French) — and also with major aerospace industrial actors in Europe: Airbus Group, Thales Alenia Space, Safran, Dassault aviation, Deimos Space … Some of these projects have given rise to breakthrough innovations. In aeronautics, a number of model-based techniques that I developed with my team (patents jointly held with Airbus) have been successfully tested during A380 flights (about 70 hours). Since January 2015, a patented solution is operating on-board A350 XWB aircraft for real-time fault management in aircraft control surfaces. The method provides much better performance than conventional systems. In space domain, I coordinated two important cross-domain research projects on spacecraft autonomy with space agencies (the European Space Agency and the French Space Agency), industrial partners (Airbus Group and Thales Alenia Space), and academic partners (control and computer science labs). As an example, I directed the SICVER project on new model-based strategies for spacecraft autonomy with participation of the European Space Agency and Airbus Defence & Space, Prof. Gary Balas, Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Minnesota, USA, and Jean Loup Chrétien, Astronaut NASA & ESA. Currently, I coordinate IMS activities in COCOTIER project.

Outside of aerospace. In the past, I coordinated a collaborative European research project (S2P2A project) on groundbreaking model-based methods for air pollution monitoring and forecasting. The project produced an innovative software application based on combined soft and hard computing techniques for prediction of ground-level ozone (the primary constituent of photochemical smog) and other primary pollutants emitted largely by industry and automobiles (PM10, N0, NO2, …).

Patents (France – Europe & US)

My patents are all in aerospace. The patents below are jointly held by Airbus Group, the University of Bordeaux and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). For some of them, the TRL (Technological Readiness Level) scale has been high (TRL4 or higher). That is, they have gone through ground and/or in-flight V&V activities.

Two of them have been certified and are currently exploited as part of the fault management system of new generation A350 XWB airplanes – The first commercial flight of A350 XWB (Doha–Frankfort, Qatar Airways) with the new system on-boarded, took place on January 15, 2015. This exceptional achievement has been resulted from an inspiring collaboration between my research team and Airbus on FDIR issues in aircraft systems, starting with mid-2000.

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