What is COCOTIER project ? COCOTIER (COncept de COckpit et Technologies Intégrées En Rupure) is a collaborative and exploratory project on new technologies for future intelligent cockpit in civil aviation operations (2030+). The kick-off meeting took place on December 2, 2019 in Toulouse – France. The project is supported by the French Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) and coordinated by Airbus.

Budget : DGAC support: about 17.3 MEuros – Total budget: about 34.6 MEuros.

Who are the partners ? The project involves 14 industrial and academic partners:

  • Industrial partners: Airbus, Dassault aviation, SAFRAN, Thales, ATR, Factem, OKTAL Synthetic Environment, Ratier Figeac, Vodea and Zodiac Aero Electric.
  • Academic partners: IMS Lab – U-Bordeaux, LAAS-CNRS – Toulouse, LEAD Lab – Toulouse, ONERA (French Aerospace Lab), ENAC (French Civil Aviation University).

What are IMS guys doing within this project ? IMS focuses on new methods for fault-tolerant multi-sensor data fusion for autonomous navigation during the landing approach of a large civil aircraft. The methodology under investigation is based on a multi-layer hierarchical architecture which can integrate several heterogeneous information sources. The system is intended to increase the performance of in-service navigation systems, and to assist the single pilot for correct management of usual and extreme fights circumstances. It takes advantage of set-membership techniques recently developed by C. Combastel, see for example here and here.

IMS Project managers : Pr. Ali Zolghadri and Dr. Christophe Combastel. Postdoc fellow: Sara Ifqir.

Upcoming : The next (virtual) meeting of the project will take place on November 19, 2020 (9h – 15h30).

New (15 September 2020): The IMS deliverable S5.8.1.1 can be downloaded at here (authorized members only). Destination: Airbus.