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Invited plenary talk at the ICINCO 2019 conference

I gave a plenary talk at the 16th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics 2019 – 29-31 July, Prague, Czech Republic.

The abstract, video and pdf file of the talk are available at here.


Some panel discussions and open talks

I have given a number of open conferences and interviews for the general public, and participated to panel debates at international or French events. Below some selected ones since 2016:

  • Panel discussion at ICINCO 2019. Theme: The rise of Artificial Intelligence: Now, Near and Far.
  • Panel discussion at MEA 2017. Theme: Innovation in aerospace.
  • A short YouTube video on my CNRS Innovation medal:

  • Appeard in the French journal “La tribune”. Theme: Future Single Pilot Operations (2030+), and self-piloting and self-learning planes (2050+). See here.

  • Press conference (in French) organized by  the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) on perspectives and applications in control“. See here.
  • Invited talk (general public, in French): Les mardis de l’innovation, November 2016, CNRS, Paris, France. Theme: Connected transport.
  • Invited talk (general public, in French) at the “Fédération de Recherche du CNRS Charles Hermite”, November 2016, Nancy, France. Theme: Numerical sciences and industry 4.0.

Talk at the second annual meeting of the SysNum cluster

The second annual meeting of the SysNum cluster took place in Bordeaux on 1-2 April 2019. During this meeting with the International Scientific Advisory Board, I gave a talk on “Abstraction-based control synthesis for interconnected systems using distributed and partial information”.

The slides can be downloaded at here.


Invited plenary talk at SAFEPROCESS 2018 – IFAC conference

 I gave a plenary talk at SAFEPROCESS 2018IFAC on “Model-based FDIR for aerospace and flight-critical systems”. SAFAPROCESS 2018 took place on 29 August-1 September 2018, Warsaw, Poland.

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